New project!

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An exciting new project has begun! Yay!

Apart from my book series being published this year (whoop), smaller projects have also begun. It’s very exciting and ties in perfectly with my work as a Special Pedagogics teacher. So, excited!

So, where did the idea come from?

Every child I’ve worked with, ever, whether it is my own children or the kids in school, I always tried to find that inner drive: what sparks their interest? Once you find what motivates them it allows a genuine connection between the child and myself. (For more information read about motivational psychology)

For me, this is vitally important because it allows me to really recognise what each child needs and we can communicate better (whether that be non-verbal or verbal!) with each other.

Image by Aaron Burden

My mermaid’s inner drive: Art!

For my daughter being artistic is her driving force, the thing that makes her tick and the media that can get her out of many an emotional state. After, and sometimes during a meltdown, paper and crayons are a great way for her to explain her feelings.

On that note me and my mermaid have gone into a project together. 😉

Her whole life she has seen me write story’s after story, I even invented a story about my children in a fantasy world and had books made just for them. A family story! This inspired her.

Finding patterns

Well, my little mermaid has always been a wonderful artist and artistically advanced for her age. She has an amazing ability to find patterns in pretty much everything. I’m guessing a lot of parents of autistic kids can relate to the ‘ everything in a row’ thing… Well, she would put everything in a row And a pattern. 😊

Once when she was at school she was going to do a Frozen puzzle, adorned with Anna, Elsa, Hans and snowflakes…the works! My mermaid tipped the puzzle pieces upside down and created instead a giant grey snowflake, spanning the entire table, all from the grey backs of the puzzle pieces. Teachers where stunned! It was kinda awesome!


So, she made up an alter-ego character a while ago and we would use this character to help her understand all the different parts of her life. Many drawings of things she didn’t understand, emotions that confuse her, things that she finds difficult, like certain social situations etc. Things that basically would bring about a meltdown in my little mermaid, we have drawn and discussed. Which gave me an idea!

A new book- a new tool for parents!

Together we have created a book about an autistic girl…But with a cool twist! (a secret cool twist)

I can’t wait to show you guys and hopefully, the book(s) and characters will help your children too, to understand things such as emotions, social interaction and more. And of course, I’ve added some Special Pedagogics tools to make everything a little easier to explain to your child and others. I will create a blog post about the tools and you can check them out on Instagram later too.

And the coolest part is that we have a wonderful new illustrator bringing this project to life, please follow her on Instagram @missdeblogger.

So excited, now back to writing…

Big hugs x

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