Top 5 noise canceling headsets 2019

Image by Ben Mullins

‘It’s just to noisy mummy’

These words have been said countless times over the years, at first it made me sad because I didn’t know how to help her.

Well I quickly found out (after asking loads of questions) that the schools here (In Scandinavia) actually provide headsets to any student who needs them. Yay!

Now that I am working as a Special Pedagogics teacher, I have an entire shelf stacked with headsets! 🙂

So, you can imagine my surprise when I hear those familiar words:

‘It’s just to noisy mummy’!

Me: “Do you use your headset at school”

Mermaid:”Yes, sometimes”

Me:” Why do you only use them sometimes, maybe you need to use them more often ?

Mermaid:” they hurt my ears, and don’t fit right so my ears have to do a workout to keep them on properly”

And off she ran…

Well, that got me thinking. I have adjustable headsets at work and it’s the same type they use at her school. But obviously her ears are to sensative for the generic headset.

Research mode!

I was on a mission, I have to find the headset that suits her perfectly. I was looking for a headset that could work as both noise canceling and audio input. And in looking for the perfect set for her, I have put together a list of the top 5 headset in 2019.

#top5 Noise canceling headsets

  1. Peltor Kids Earmuffs These are very similar to the ones we already have in school. Simple design, easy to use.
  2. Limited volume Kids Cat ear headphones multipurpose headset that is noise canceling with audio input. These are so much fun and multifunctional, but (in my opinion) more for home use then school because of the flashy design, it could become distracting for your child and other students. 🐱
  3. Vibes earplugs. These are great for older kids. Small and lightweight they fit snuggly into your ear. I’ve attached a link to a great article about the benefits for noise sensitive students.
  4. LilGadgets Untangled Pro. I like these for the fact that they are wireless (Bluetooth!) and are lightweight, plus they come in an array of colours.
  5. MPow Kids. I just love the design of these and colours. Long battery life and can be used to listen to soothing music/audio books.

These are in my opinion the best headsets for their design, weight, comfort and price. I recommend you check out what’s on the market currently that would suit your child’s needs and hope that this list helps get you started.

Sensory Processing

Research has been done for agees , looking into why children and young adults on the spectrum are more receptive to sensory processing issues. Not specificay noise either, it can be sight, smell, noise and tactile stimuli too. Their are many papers on the subject, but I would say that the most important thing is too look at the tell tale signs of what type of over or under reaction your child has to various stimuli.

For example my daughter hated tha vaccum cleaner as a toddler, and could never sing a long with her classmates at pre-K but instead hold her hands firmly against her ears. Now as a 9 year old she doesnt go to music class (to much noise) and she has PE only at the end of school when she has a lot of energy, because when she had gym first thing in the morning the echooing,squeechy noises and shouts of laughter etc would hurt her sensitive ears and often ruin her day.

Interestingly the sensitivity she displays is not only due to over stimulation in her enviroment but biologically her ears cannot cope with the sensory input. She often gets ear aches and inflammations!

My tip! Writing down how your child reacts to diffrent sensory inputs can help you discover how to help them the most, armed with this informatio you can take it to any proffessional (GP, speech therapist, Special education team etc) and they can help you locate the tools needed to help your child further.

Hugs x

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