Plant pot craft

Today we had a lot of egg boxes ready for recycling. But we had a better idea!

Instead of throwing them away in the recycling bin we decided to make something a little more creative.

We made princess Bell and a soldier guy as a plant pot! πŸ˜‰

It’s a fun and easy thing to do and the designs are endless.

We opted for making a princess and a solder, then growing grass as hair. 😊

How to…

So, what we did was cut out the individual cones from the egg box.

Then we glued the top cone to the bottom cone.

Let the glue dry and then we decorated them using felt tip pens. You could also use acrylic paints, glitter stickers etc!

Then we placed a small amount of soil on top of the characters head, made a tiny hole and added the grass seeds.

Now we wait for their hair to bloom.

Have fun with your designs. 😊

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