Playtime during the Pandemic

Everywhere you go you will see images, newsarticles and social media feeds full of the Covid-19 topic. Apart from telling my children the basics of why we are in self-isolation, why the schools have closed and why we are washing our hands extra , I have tried to make staying at home and being home… Continue reading Playtime during the Pandemic

Plant pot craft

Today we had a lot of egg boxes ready for recycling. But we had a better idea! Instead of throwing them away in the recycling bin we decided to make something a little more creative. We made princess Bell and a soldier guy as a plant pot! 😉 It's a fun and easy thing to… Continue reading Plant pot craft

Handling a bully: important social skill

Image by Alex Ivashenko Sad fact, there are bullies in this world. And although most schools have programs in place to reprimand bullies and anti-social behaviour in school, there is less emphasis on social skill classes that teach children how to handle an anti-social situation. These classes are very important for our ASD children, especially,… Continue reading Handling a bully: important social skill