Handling a bully: important social skill

Image by Alex Ivashenko Sad fact, there are bullies in this world. And although most schools have programs in place to reprimand bullies and anti-social behaviour in school, there is less emphasis on social skill classes that teach children how to handle an anti-social situation. These classes are very important for our ASD children, especially,… Continue reading Handling a bully: important social skill

Sesame Street: Julia’s birthday

sesamestreet.org Today it is Julia's birthday. The wonderful puppet from sesame street is having a birthday today and I wanted to take this opportunity to write a little thank you note to @sesamestreet. It is wonderful to have the autistic community represented by such a thoughtful, kind and loving character like Julia. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dKCdV20zLMs My daughter… Continue reading Sesame Street: Julia’s birthday